Yfirlýsing forseta Feneyjanefndar 11.03.2019

Strasbourg, Council of Europe – The Venice Commission has received a request for an opinion from the Speaker of the Georgian Parliament regarding the appointment of Supreme Court judges. I welcome the willingness of the Georgian authorities to cooperate with us in order to establish clear and transparent criteria and procedures for the selection and appointment of these judges.

The Venice Commission will deal with this request speedily as it is conscious that it is urgent to have a full composition of the Supreme Court to ensure its effective functioning.

As concerns the appointment of other judges, the Venice Commission underlines that it is important that their status does not remain undetermined for an excessive period of time. The appointment of judges until their retirement, based on clear and transparent criteria and procedures, is an essential condition for the independence of the judiciary.

Um Herdísi

Um Herdísi

Dr. juris Herdís Þorgeirsdóttir er lögmaður í Reykjavík. Hún hefur víðtæka reynslu úr akademíu og atvinnulífi, starfar bæði hér og á alþjóðavettvangi. Hún var skipuð fyrsti prófessorinn við lagadeild háskólans á Bifröst 2004 og hefur einnig kennt við háskóla erlendis. Herdís er höfundur bóka og greina, sem hafa birst alþjóðlega.  Hún hefur mikla reynslu af…

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Dr Herdís Thorgeirsdóttir is an attorney at law in Reykjavík. She was appointed professor of constitutional law and human rights at the Faculty of Law, Bifrost University in 2004. She is First Vice President of the Venice Commission (the Council of Europe Commission for Democracy through Law) since 2017. Since 2003 she has been a…